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The Complexity of Womanhood

Written by Sydney Damon

Being a woman is so complex. It feels as though inherently the idea of beauty is tied to the concept of womanhood. Yet, beauty is often defined by unrealistic standards set by companies trying to sell you products that will make it possible for you to conform to these standards– to be a ‘better’ woman.

SVVIAA is not about conformity, it is about confidence. It is about the power that comes from being a confident woman. SVVIAA understands that a confident woman is a beautiful woman, and that this comes before any physical standards of beauty. Being a part of the SVVIAA community has allowed me to not only feel confident in my own skin but to also find a group of women who uplift each other and value the unique beauty that is within each one of us. SVVIAA does not retouch any models, instead it focuses on quality swimwear that brings out the confidence that allows natural beauty to shine.

As someone who has often struggled with self-image and who has placed too much value on how society perceives me and my body, I needed a brand like this. I needed to know that I could be beautiful without conforming, and this is what SVVIAA is all about. When I wear these suits, I am not thinking of how my body will be perceived, I am thinking about how I feel, and this is a freedom that I very rarely experience. The women who are a part of this community are some of the strongest, kindest, and most confident people I know and I could not be more grateful to have them in my life. Being a woman is complex but SVVIAA makes it a little bit easier.


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