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Breaking the Barriers

Written by Delainey Warshel

Where do I even begin - SVVIAA has taught me so much about being a woman. In a world where we feel the need to be perfect in every sense - whether that be though our body image, what we eat, what we do in our free time etc - this brand has worked tirelessly to eliminate negative stereotypes that circulate around swimwear and femininity.

The owner, Cat Simms, has never once shied away from breaking the barriers. With swimwear that fits, and looks good on, every body type, with unretouched models flooding their website and Instagram, with models from every diverse background, SVVIAA encapsulates inclusivity. Alongside all of this, Cat is everyone’s number one hype woman and confidant. I am so honored to have worked with this brand and to have gotten to know Cat, not only as a friend, but also a business woman who will do everything it takes to succeed.

SVVIAA is what this world needed - an outlet for woman to be together, bond together, and most importantly feel confident as a unit. It is so special to be a part of something that makes you feel good on the inside and on the outside, while also being beyond proud of the brand you are representing. I could talk forever about all of the positive ways that SVVIAA has impacted my day to day life. Purchase your own kini, discover a newfound confidence in yourself, and join this incredible group of women.


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